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Consultancy Schemes

D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd are approved consultants for the following schemes: 

MCST – Fusion Commercialisation Voucher Programme 

The Commercialisation Voucher Programme is another instrument aimed at bridging the existing gap in the R&I framework as well as improving the overall development and commercialization potential of innovative ideas. 

This Programme is to act as a demand side measure and entice user driven innovation, with the ultimate aim of increasing research, technological development and innovation activities, which can eventually be implemented in industry. 

Over the past few years D’ Alessandro & Associates Ltd., has carried out 20 different projects within this scheme and thus has gained tremendous experience in assisting its Clients in Market research, Product Development and Costings analysis, Economic Impact Assessment and Risk Assessment.  

Further information related to this scheme can be found on the MCST website. 


Business Enhance – SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme 

As part of the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes Initiative, the Measures and Support Division within the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs launched the SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme under Priority Axis 3 ‘Enhancing Malta’s Competitiveness through Investment in SMEs’ of Operational Programme I Cohesion Policy 2014 – 2020, to support enterprises through the provision of external consultancy services to develop studies to assess the potential of future investment and operational interventions.  

The scope of this scheme is to support the decision-taking process, by assessing and evaluating: •  

  • the potential of re-engineering the organisation, operations, processes and systems of the Undertaking aimed at rendering it more efficient, resulting in the development of either an Organisation and Operations Review, or a Process and Systems Review; or  
  • the potential of the Undertaking to take on proposed investment initiatives aimed at the potential future business growth of the Undertaking, and at rendering it more competitive through the development of a Business Plan or a Feasibility Study addressing any of the following –   
  • the economic exploitation of new ideas,  
  • expansion in the capacity of the establishment,  
  • diversification of the activity of an establishment,  
  • diversification in the output of an establishment,  
  • fundamental change in the overall production process of the establishment,  
  • development of new or improved products, processes and systems,  
  • investment in new or improved products, processes and systems,  
  • organisation innovation,  
  • process innovation,  
  • the internationalisation of products and services,  
  • the entry, establishment and expansion into new markets,  
  • the introduction, upgrading and integration of e-commerce solutions enabling online selling by the Undertaking 

Through its vast experience, D’Alessandro & Associates Ltd., is able to assist its Clients in developing a Business Plan, Feasibility Study and/or an Organisation and Operations Review / Process and Systems Review. 


Further information related to this scheme can be found on the Business Enhance website.