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Marketing Research & PR Consultancy and Support Services

Marketing Consultancy & Related Services

CREDAL Business Consulting provides a comprehensive range of consultancy and support services in this field, namely:-

Research Design and Planning: CREDAL Business consulting is involved in the research design focusing on the definition of the research problem and the data required to provide information on which management decisions can be based. The research design shall determine the data streams required and the channels to be used for the collection of the required data, be it quantitative or qualitative. In this respect, CREDAL Business Consulting has experience in use of personal interviews, tele-interviewing, focus groups, and distributed questionnaires (on-line and hard copy).

Data collection and processing: Throughout, the research process CREAL Business Consulting ensure that data collection is based on the evaluation of the trained research interviewers and the use of the dedicated software applications. Data entry and cross checking is carried out to ensure on-going monitoring of the fieldwork. For the focus groups, confidential recordings are be made of the discussions. These are used solely in the preparing summary transcripts to be included in the research results. Full transcripts of the data can be provided to the client provided the participant’s consent is obtained. The focus group sessions are conducted by group leader and a rapporteur is also present to assist in the subsequent correlation and interpretation of the data. Data analysis: Upon completion of the data capture operation all necessary data validation and security checks are carried out for the processing of the data collected. When qualitative formats of research are applied, the use of statistical tools will be limited as the quantitative element will be limited.

Reporting: On completion of the analysis a formal report is presented with the results of the research. To facilitate utilisation of the information, relevant tables, charts and graphs are used to illustrate results. These results are usually presented to management in a formal presentation thereby providing the client’s management team with the opportunity to discuss the results of the research process directly.


Public Relations & Corporate Communications Services

In the area of public relations & corporate communications the company has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of campaigns, including the organisation of special events such as fairs and exhibitions, media conferences, press launches, etc. Over the years the company has represented clients in a wide range of sectors that include: telecommunications, IT, automotive distribution, travel and tourism, hotels and hospitality, banking and finance, public sector organisations.

On the basis of the company’s experience in providing PR consultancy and support services on various European Commission pan-EU campaigns, CREDAL Business Consulting is:

  • On the basis of the company’s experience in providing PR consultancy and support services on various European Commission pan-EU campaigns, CREDAL Business Consulting is:
  • Experienced in customising and localizing PR and communication programs;
  • able to rely on a proven track record;
  • efficient and effective in providing proper account management;
  • able to rely on a team of experts with a sound understanding of social media and their integration within international PR campaigns;
  • able to demonstrate strong writing and coaching skills to assist clients in public speaking engagements;

The consultancy and support services in this field can be summarised as:-

Communications Consultancy: CREDAL Business Consulting supports clients to building a communications strategy that will drive knowledge and understanding of their business and services amongst the influencers that matter most to their business by providing expert PR consulting for local and international markets. The development of e-learning solutions by the company also facilitates involvement in this sector.

Media, Analyst and Influencer Relations: CREDAL Business Consulting is able to rely on an extended team of local and foreign experts who understand the specific sector and the trends and developments within that sector, at a local and international level. Through such individuals CREDAL Business Consulting provides media & analyst training, daily press office, press release distribution to tailored media lists, journalists and analysts briefings, etc.


Market Positioning: CREDAL Business Consulting can deploy a network of local and international consultants involved in its provision of multi-disciplinary consulting services. Through these individuals it has access to market and technical expertise that can be harnessed for clients. It can work with clients to help establish them or reinforce their position on the market. By utilising the range of marketing research services provided by CREDAL Business Consulting, clients are able to strengthen their knowledge of the market and its developments and through effective PR leverage these to build and reinforce their image within the selected target audience groups.

Editorial Services: the CREDAL Business Consulting team produces content for both on-line and offline media platforms. It has an in-depth experience of writing for corporate communications, general pr articles, opinion pieces, press releases, white papers, web copy, sales and marketing materials, in-house company systems manuals, client reports etc. Ensuring effective and compelling copy to support client communications.

Social Media and Online PR:CREDAL Business Consulting gained experience in using the new social media through its participation on various pan-EU campaigns which involved use of Facebook and other media. Working hand-in-hand with established experts in the field the CREDAL Business Consulting team has developed its own internal competencies in this field and can provide support to clients in the use of new communication tools such as blogs, online communities, twitter, digital press rooms.

Event Support: CREDAL Business Consulting provides the full range of consulting and support services in organisation of PR events. From dealing with hotel reservations and airport transfers to flower arrangements in the exhibition hall, from arranging for Chinese speaking assistants on an exhibition stand in Bejing to having the delegate name tags available for early morning conference registration. These are all the minute details that determine the success of an event and are part-and-parcel of providing the client with full support in the event.